Top 5 Android Apps to manage your Finances

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1. MoneyWise 4

The thing about MoneyWise is, although the interface is rather old school, the way their features are presented works. This app is very helpful in helping you understand your financial standing and of course that is the main purpose to keep track on your financials.

On top of a lot of helpful features, one handy one is the Graph section, which allows us to highlight one set of data against another. Paired with MoneyWise ‘tags’ features, you can do just that by selecting the records you want compared. If you are in need of a serious app that will enable you to project your finances in a detailed and informative way, MoneyWise is the best choice.

[PriceFree 4 | Pro version ($6.98)]

2. Financisto – Expense Manager 5

Keep transactions easy via shortcuts, with the Financisto ‘New Transaction’ widget. A tap from your homescreen will show you a table for you to fill in with details of your current transaction. There is also a shortcut called ‘New Transfer’, which lets you transfer your money from one account to another, very convenient for accounting purposes.

Another feature worth mentioning is a tab in the app called ‘Blotter’ which records your every transactions (and even your accounts) under a single page. You get a list of registry with icons indicating where your money is flowing to better keep track of your cash flow.

[PriceFree 5]

3. EasyMoney 3

EasyMoney is a pretty app that comes with a rich interface and also an inbuilt custom keyboard to make it easier for user to key in numbers for their transactions. You can set to send notifications for upcoming bills (and overdue ones) and even color-code your financial details to help you better screen through your budget needs.

EasyMoney also lets you conduct split transactions. You first set the total amount of a transaction, and the splitting is done one category at a time, until you have settled the full total.

[Price30-day free trial 3 | Pro version 1 ($9.95)]

4. AndroMoney Expense Track Money 1

If you prefer to keep track of your money on your Android devices and laptop (or PC), try Andro Money. Through AndroMoney, you can export your data to a CSV file to be accessed on Microsoft Excel or Google Drive in just a few taps.

Especially with the Google Docs feature, you can immediately audit your account on any Web browser once you get into your Google Doc. This feature is definitely useful to people who want complete control of their accounts any time.

[Price: Free 1 | Pro version ($2.99)]

5. CWMoney Expense Track 1

Use speech recognition to dictate text (with the help of a correction window), all within a simple page for Expenses, Income, Data Manager and Report. You can just as easily save your transaction and proceed to record another without having to open the page again.

The inbuilt speech recognition is also perfect for people who are often in a hurry of putting together a record with remarks.

[Price: Free 1 | Pro version ($4.99)]