Free Download Develop Secure API Using AWS Lambda, Aurora Serverless MySql Udemy Course for free with Google Drive Download Link.

Secure REST API with in a day with the help of AWS Cognito, API Gateway, Lambda and Aurora Serverless MySql

What you’ll learn

  • Professionals or Student will be able to develop Serverless REST API using AWS infrastructure
  • Scalable API


  • Knowledge Of Some Basic Linux Commands


In this course, you will learn how to develop serverless REST API from scratch.

Scaling new/existing REST API quickly without having to worry about servers is challenging but it is possible with help of Serverless application development and the infrastructure as a service.

In this course, you will learn how to create Serverless REST API using AWS API Gateway, Lambda, and Amazon Aurora (Mysql Compatible Serverless Database)

Our step by step guide will help you to learn how to create code within Lambda, Serverless framework, and Cognito. There are the following steps we will cover in this course.

  1. Integrate API Gateway within Lambda function
  2. Create Lambda Function using Serverless Framework
  3. Different environments production and development.
  4. Deploy API’s using Serverless Framework
  5. Local environment testing
  6. Docker Setup
  7. Database seeding
  8. AWS Data API for MySql queries.
  9. Integrate API Gateway within Lambda function
  10. Create AWS Aurora Serverless Cluster
  11. Connectivity of AWS Aurora Serverless Cluster within Lambda
  12. Develop CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) REST API using AWS Lambda and Aurora Serverless with the help of the Serverless framework
  13. Securing REST API using OATH 2 with the help of AWS Cognito
  14. CDK deployment Aurora RDS instance.
  15. Cognito users pool configuration
  16. Detail-oriented course.
  17. Best practice covered.
  18. Secure API using Cognito
  19. AWS resources clean up

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner/Experienced Mobile App Developer
  • Beginner/Experienced Web App Developer

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