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I’ll try to cover some basic core principles, not all of them but some more important ones


One of the designers most basic visual tool the distinction between symmetry and asymmetry so first we go discuss symmetry

Symmetry: Many natural organisms are symmetrical. Symmetrical layouts are inherently stable and balanced and that’s why designers, for centuries, towards created layouts. So in the symmetrical design, it should be able to draw a line top to bottom and its same on either side or I could draw a line through the centre and it’s same above below.

Asymmetry: Asymmetry in design is really distributing element so that moving them around until they really do feel balanced so, that really is a matter somewhat of intuitive perception Nature’s full of asymmetry. When we use the term dynamic or dynamic asymmetry, what we really referring to is the design that really moves changes, design and which the viewer’s eye is actively moved and through a design


What does designer mean they took about scale?

The scale is relative an element will seem larger or smaller depending on its context. How big is the object in relation to other objects? Scale conveys meaning


Graphics design is an art of framing

Even photograph is really an act farming We use the camera to focus on point of interests

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