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About This Class

Have you ever wondered how I create various ad sizes for Facebook and Instagram? This class explores the design process of how to design for various social media sizes. We will be working in Adobe Illustrator. 

This class focuses on the graphic design side of digital marketing and less on the copywriting.  I wanted to show my raw process so you can see my thinking through issues of sizing and layout. 

Make sure you download the sizing guide in the project section of the class to follow along. 

1. Class Preview:

Do you want to know how to create various ad sizes for Facebook and Instagram? Add to a multitude of different dimensions and sizes. This class focuses on the graphic design side of digital marketing. Unless on the copyrighting, this glass shows my raw design process and has been filmed without any pre plan. I wanted to show my role process.

2. Base Ad Design:

a big part of my job as a designer is to design graphics for use on digital platforms. I wanted to show my raw and realistic design process. I go through second company very so more to my own client. I work for a really high end mall, regional mall town centre. We’re gonna have to work that logo in and be readable. So I have those kind of brand assets as well as a little leaf.

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