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My Forex League Course Free Download. Hi, my name is Angelo Ciaramello. I’m a 24-year-old Entrepreneur from New Jersey.

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Hello, my name is Angelo Ciaramello. I am a 24-year-old entrepreneur from New Jersey. I have always been big on knowing what lies ahead. Constantly, I focused on making money by solving the problems around me from an early age. Problems got bigger and hours became longer but as an entrepreneur, my passion for continuous improvement has only increased.

I was headed to work early in life and took pride in doing good work. From the daily counter to the delivery driver to the college internship to the IT analyst, over time I begin to develop a sense of work and acquire the skills needed to work consistently effectively. These jobs have taught me valuable life lessons, allowing me to use a passion to create and execute solutions to both simple and complex problems. He also said that I have decided that I will never compromise and whatever my own company will get.

I first started investing at the age of 18 using the “USAA” platform, for which I worked and saved. I was excited to buy stock in Alibaba, Apple, Facebook and other Nasdaq shares; Over time there was a gain of% that made me realize the power of investing. During this initial success in the markets; I was moving into the field of information technology leading to a bachelor’s degree at Rutgers University. Over the next few years I kept up with the fundamentals of markets out of curiosity, despite my main focus being the university.

Running the e-commerce website I found the foreign exchange market during the winter of 2018 and took a keen interest in the “art” of technical analysis. In the first week of my life trading, I had a $ 900 day that quickly convinced me to go all in.

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