Free Download 2021 Practice Test AWS Solutions Architect Associate SAA C02 Free Download Udemy Course for free with Google Drive Download Link.

Covers SAA C01 and C02. In 1 hour, you will gain substantial insight to pass the certification exam.

What you’ll learn in Practice Test AWS Solutions Architect Associate SAA C02 Course

  • Realistic experience on type of questions that you would face in the certification exam
  • Gain Insight into AWS Services From Certification Perspective
  • Evaluate Different Architectural Choices

Description for Practice Test AWS Solutions Architect Associate SAA C02 Course

*** UPDATE SEP-2020 – Resource Sharing using Resource Access Manager and Transit Gateway ***

*** UPDATE MAY-2020 – Global Accelerator, and important security and management tools: WAF, Shield, IMDS V2, Secrets Manager, Systems Manager, AWS Config, Inspector, Trusted Advisor and how all these tools work together ***

*** UPDATE MAR-2020 – Completely revised CloudFront, and S3 Sections ***

*** UPDATE FEB-2020 – Lots of newly updated material and quizzes on Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, Data Lake, Monitoring, Storage, Databases ***

Welcome to 2020 Practice Test for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam at Associate Level.

This course is for new AWS Solution Architect Exam and comes with

1. Two full-length timed-practice exams

2. Several quizzes

3. Concept videos

4. 100 Page Reference Slides that you can download

In 1 hour, you will gain substantial insight into fundamental concepts of various AWS Services

Three Steps to Success:

1. Do the Quiz + Timed Exam

2. Review Concept Videos

3. Review 100 Slide Reference (Downloadable)


Who this course is for:

  • Students Planning to Get Certified on AWS

Practice Test AWS Solutions Architect Associate SAA C02 Course Download Link:

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