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Learn Penetration Testing The Right Way! Learn All The Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Techniques Used By Hackers

What you’ll learn

  • Setup your own virtual penetration testing lab
  • Completely anonymize your online and hacking activity
  • Setup a VPN with Kali Linux
  • Setup Proxychains and a VPN for maximum anonymity and minimum DNS leaks
  • Use the Linux terminal for Ethical Hacking
  • Setup Terminal alternatives to boost productivity
  • Understand the networking fundamentals behind ethical hacking and penetration testing
  • Understand the OSI layer
  • Understand the 3 way TCP handshake
  • Grasp the usaage of Nmap for information gathering
  • Understand the Nmap syntax for a variety of scans
  • Use Nmap for advanced discovery
  • Use Nmap for advanced information gathering
  • Understand the Metasploit syntax for ethical hacking
  • Understand the Metasploit terminology used for penetration testing and ethical hacking
  • Perform exploitation with Metasploit


  • This Course Requires A Computer And An Internet Connection.
  • No prior experience or knowledge of Ethical Hacking is required. The course will take you through everything you need to know about Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
  • Basic Knowledge of Kali Linux
  • Basic Knowledge of Linux


This course is a support package for the HackerSploit YouTube channel,  some of the content found in this course is free on YouTube, we have added some private videos here to justify it’s existence. If you want to support HackerSploit, consider purchasing the course.

The Complete Penetration Testing Course Is The Most Comprehensive And Extensive Course On Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing With Aim Of Taking you from beginner to advanced.

This course covers every aspect of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing from information gathering with tools like Nmap to exploitation and privilege escalation with Metasploit.

  • Curious about Ethical Hacking?
  • Want to learn Ethical Hacking the right way?
  • Want  to learn Ethical Hacking from beginner to advanced?
  • Want to learn how to setup a virtual penetration testing environment?
  • Want to learn how to setup proxychains and VPN’s for maximum anonymity?
  • Want to learn how to use Linux for Ethical Hacking?
  • Want to learn how the Networking fundamentals of Ethical Hacking?
  • Want to learn information gathering with Nmap?
  • Want to learn how to use Metasploit for penetration testing and Ethical Hacking?
  • Want to learn Web server hacking?
  • Want to learn advanced client side and server side exploitation?
  • Want to learn how to attack wired and wireless networks (WPA/WPA2)?
  • Want to learn how to perform network sniffing with Wireshark?
  • Want to learn post exploitation and privilege escalation?

Whatever you want to learn about Ethical Hacking and penetration testing. This Course Has Everything You Will Ever Need To Know About Ethical Hacking.

This Course Has Everything From Basic Terminology, Setting Up A Secure And Safe Environment to advanced exploitation with frameworks like Metasploit.

This course will show you the best frameworks and techniques used in Ethical Hacking.

This course will ensure that you grasp and understand the techniques used in Ethical Hacking

This course is targeted at anyone who wants to get started with Ethical Hacking. Even if you are a complete beginner, or someone who has a little experience. You are in the right place.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning Ethical Hacking or Penetration Testing
  • Anyone interested in Cyber Security
  • Anyone wanting to learn Metasploit
  • Anyone interested in becoming an Ethical Hacker

The Complete Penetration Testing Bootcamp Free Download Link:

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