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About This Class

Follow the entire process for creating your personal brand for a freelance business.
 This course has a special focus on creative freelancers that are wanting to go freelance with their skills but are needing to develop that personal brand to make yourself not only look professional, but help you land clients.

This course focuses creative freelances, so graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, web designer anyone who has a creative skillset and is wanting to go freelance or find jobs. 

Next, we will walk through the brainstorming process of creating our visual brand identity and talk about how to create brand assets to help us create a brand board and branding standards document.

We walkthrough the creation of a letterhead and business card and study the “why” behind certain layout and design decisions.  


There are tons of downloadable resources and helpful guides through the class.

This is not a software driven class, this course is a theory-based class that guides you through the entire process, so no software is required to take this class. 

Personal branding is the essential first step in creating a stellar strong portfolio and website. After this class additional classes will be added to take the next steps at adapting your brand to both online and pdf portfolios. So, let’s get started in creating a stellar personal brand that excludes your own style and flair!  

  • 1. Class Preview
  • 2. Personal Branding Theory
  • 3. Crafting Our Story
  • 4. Creating Our Inspiration Boards
  • 5. Brainstorming Our Logo
  • 6. Logo Construction
  • 7. Brand Assets
  • 8. Creating A Business Card
  • 9. Creating A Letterhead
  • 10. What’s Next? Build A Portfolio and More
  • 11. Student Design Challenge – Create
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